"They all shared a certain coolness, a cruel, mannered charm which was not modern in the least but had the strange cold breath of the ancient world : they were magnificent creatures, such eyes, such hands, such looks - sic oculos, sic ille manus, sic ora ferebat."

Donna Tartt, The Secret History  (via queensmilitant)

Photograph by Eric Traore for Visionaire #19 Fall/Winter 1996.

#nailed it

hey guys! i’m leaving tomorrow and i’ll be back at the end of august. its not a hiatus from tumblr, the queue is set up and i’ll be able to log in from time to time! so pleaaase don’t unfollow, i love you!

How much laughter is on the set?

"Chuck and Blair are perfect for each other. He understands her like nobody else does." — Leighton Meester.