Vikings: Season 3 Trailer

Pedro, Gwendoline and Nikolaj at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)


Meghan Collison backstage at Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2013.

The Game of Thrones cast at Comic Con 2014

Emily Browning for i-D magazine, pre-fall 2014

"I will be queen, though?"

Obstruction? What’s that? It doesn’t sound like a serious crime.

Ah, well, I suppose it’s whatever the English say it is. Aye, it was near to four years ago now. They put a levy on all the land-holders in the county, sent out small parties of soldiers collecting food, horses for transport, and suchlike. Aye, it was one day in October, Captain Randall came along to our place. My father was away. He’d gone to a funeral. I was up in the fields when I heard shouting.